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Why choose Veda Grace Rx Skincare?

Veda Grace saves you time by providing Rx skincare without the hassle of trips to the dermatologists and pharmacy. 

Physician-Owned– We’re 100% owned and operated by board-certified physicians specialized in cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. We’re also a real practice that you can visit in-person.

The Serum-Moisturizer– Far from a prescription. The only luxurious prescription serum-moisturizer, individually made-to-order with your personalized blend of ingredients minus the preservatives.

Cosmetic Services– With every prescription you receive, you’ll also get credits to put towards cosmetic services directly from Veda Grace. These service help your naturally enhance the results from your rx skincare.

Purpose– All profits go towards a cause that is greatly impacting the world we live in.

What is included in the Rx Skincare Membership?

The first month of the Veda Grace Rx Skincare membership includes your VUE skin analysis, board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon or specialist evaluation, and a personalized repair cream. For all following months, you receive a personalized rx serum-moisturizer and on-going online management by our specialists.

Rx Skincare Members also have access to recieve personalized microtreatments at Veda Grace Clinic in Chicago.

How does Rx Skincare work? What steps are involved?

There are three main steps. 

  1. You complete the VUE Skin Analysis we mail to your home and your clinical history.
  2. Our board-certified specialists review your results, send you their recommendations and design your serum-moisturizer.
  3. Use your serum-moisturizer once a day and work with your specialist to refine your formulation.

In more detail- We treat one client at a time. Sign up for our waitlist or get an invitation from a current client. After you’re invited, you’ll sign up for a membership. Immediately, you’ll fill out a focused questionnaire to personalize your first month’s repair cream. After this is reviewed by our team, you’ll receive your first month’s kit in the mail in about 3-7 days. Inside will be a VUE Skin Lens and your skin repair cream. You’ll use your repair cream once a day and complete the VUE Skin Analysis using your phone and the device. You submit your analysis along with a Clinical History. Once your VUE Skin Analysis and Clinical History are complete, our doctor will review your results and send you a message with their recommendations. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions. They will also send your prescription formulation to our pharmacy. You’ll receive your rx serum-moisturizer at the beginning of your second month. From there, you can message our clinic at any time to keep us updated on your progress. We can refine your formulation at any time.

    Can I move up the waitlist faster?
    The only way is to get an invitation from a current Veda Grace client or physician certified by Veda Grace.

    If you’re preparing for a major event like your wedding, email us at info@myvedagrace.com. If we cannot accommodate you, we will try to get you in the hands of someone we trust.

    Can I buy Rx Skincare without a membership?
    Sorry, you cannot. We never compromise on results. Our skincare and microtreatments are part of a comprehensive plan managed by board-certified specialists. Selling you a single product will serve you zero long-term benefit.

    However, memberships are month-to-month with no obligations. You can cancel at any time, for any reason.

    When can I expect to see results?
    Everyone is different, but in general you can expect the following.

    Hydration: 1-2 weeks
    Dullness: 2-4 weeks
    Acne- 4-12 weeks
    Sensitivity- 2-4 months
    Pigmentation- 3-6 months
    Fine Lines- 6-12 months
    Firmness & Elasticity: 9-18 months

    Please do not believe anyone who claims they can deliver results faster with skincare. For treatments, yes. It’s much faster. For skincare, these estimates are based on the physiology of your skin, which does not change for any brand.

    I’m skeptical of online medical care. How is Veda Grace any different?
    Choosing your online medical service is very important. The American Academy of Dermatology made an official statement declaring that most dermatologic conditions could be managed with telemedicine. They also established a standard of care to encourage the adoption of telemedicine. This worked at first, but then many non-physician owned skincare companies started to claim their “expert providers” could diagnose skin conditions from a “selfie.”

    VUE elevates telemedicine to a new standard. VUE uses the same core technology as the most valuable diagnostic tool in dermatology; almost every dermatologists relies on its science. The beauty of VUE is that it can work on almost any mobile device and is easy to operate, meaning you can take a picture with VUE. It’s the same as us taking a picture in the office. Most importantly, however, we only allow our board-certified specialists to evaluate VUE’s results. This makes us comfortable providing care online because we’re using technology to make your life easier, without ever compromising on care.

    Does Veda Grace recommend other skincare products I should use?
    Yes. In your clinical history, you can ask your specialist to make recommendations about other skincare and cosmetic treatments. Since there are too many products on the market to keep track of, we do not recommend specific products. We recommend specific types (i.e. creamy vs foaming cleansers ). The only exception is Jan Marini Professional Skincare products. Since Jan Marini is scientifically-backed with research that we can access and review, we do recommend specific products from them. We do not sell Jan Marini products directly, but we do give our members access to our professional account to buy products directly from Jan Marini.
    Does Veda Grace sell other skincare products?
    We do not, but we give our clients access to our professional account with Jan Marini. This allows you to buy products directly from Jan Marini that you know are not expired, less effective or counterfeit.
    Does Veda Grace manage my entire regimen?
    No. Your consultation is comprehensive, but we only manage what you get through Veda Grace because we cannot guarantee or control the quality of anything else.

    The only exception are Jan Marini products that you buy directly from Jan Marini. We give our members access to our professional account at Jan Marini. This allows you to buy products directly from Jan Marini so you know they are not expired or counterfeit. Since we know the Jan Marini product line in-depth and, we can help you manage them.

    Can I opt to have my products sent less frequently than every month?
    Sorry, you cannot. We do not add preservatives to our products to make them last 2 or 3 month supplies.
    Is Veda Grace FDA-approved or FDA-certified?
    Every part of Veda Grace that could possibly be FDA-approved or FDA-certified is FDA-approved or FDA-certified. Our prescription ingredients have been approved by the FDA to be safe, pure and effective. Every serum-moisturizer is made-to-order in a FDA-certified 503b pharmacy using an FDA-approved process.
    Do you accept health insurance?
    Insurance will not cover cosmetic conditions, regardless of whether you’re in the clinic or online. We strive to provide exceptional value for our clients by including specialist consultations, messaging, and shipments of your personalized formulation in one simple monthly subscription price, but insurance does not cover cosmetics.
    Are there any eligibility restrictions?
    Yes. First, you must be 18 or older. We cannot accept parental approval for clients younger than 18 years old. Second, you must live in a state where Veda Grace is offered.
    Why is your service not available in my state?
    All 50 states vary on their laws on telemedicine. We are working on getting licensing for all 50 states. Please be sure to sign up on our waitlist and tell us the state you live in. We’ll make it a priority.
    Do you ship internationally?
    Unfortunately not at this time. We will update you if that changes.


    What active ingredients does Veda Grace Use?

    Each client’s serum moisturizer is unique. We use both FDA-approved prescription and nonprescription ingredients. Sometimes we use nonprescription ingredients like Vitamin C at prescription concentrations that you can only get from a physician. Our specialists determine your ingredients, the level of concentration, and month-to-month adjustment. Commonly used prescription or prescription-strength ingredients include:

    1. Tretinoin 
    2. Vitamin C 
    3. Vitamin E
    4. Niacinamide
    5. Glycolic Acid
    6. Salicylic Acid
    7. Hyaluronic Acid
    8. Azelaic Acid
    9. Arbutin
    10. Clindamycin
    11. Fluocinolone Acetonide
    12. Metronidazole
    13. Ivermectin
    How are Veda Grace products made?

    The personalization process begins with our exclusive VUE Skin Analysis. Then, a board-certified physician specializing in dermatology, plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine reviews your VUE results along with your clinical history to select the best ingredients for your formulation.

    After your formulation is designed, a prescription is sent to a licensed doctor of pharmacy. They review the ingredients and confirm that there are not any cross-allergies or interactions. Your serum-moisturizer is then made-to-order in a US FDA-certified 503(b) certified pharmacy. Your personalized blend of active ingredients is suspended in an elegant FDA-certified moisturizer using our proprietary. We do not need to add any preservatives because your product is made each month. When complete, your formula will go into a beautiful bottle with an antioxidant preserving chamber before being shipped to your door. The result is completely personalized skincare that delivers real, visible results.

    How does Veda Grace avoid adding preservatives?

    Your rx serum-moisturizer is made-to-order every month so we can avoid adding preservatives.  

    We cannot understate the health benefit of minimizing preservatives. You apply skincare products to the skin on your face every single day. With such frequent exposure, even small amounts of preservatives will have negative effects that we don’t fully understand. If your skin barrier is disrupted like most of the population, these preservatives will enter into your skin. This may be acceptable for cleansers that wash off, but not serums and moisturizers that are supposed to penetrate your skin. Most retail skincare will have enough preservatives to last 6 to 12 month so they don’t go bad on the shelf or online warehouse. By law, even ‘clean beauty’ needs this much preservation to last this long on shelves.

    Are Veda Grace products cruelty-free?

    Yes. We do not partake in animal testing. We only use the most highly studied and clinically-proven ingredients. All the research that was conducted on these ingredients has been conclusive for decades.

    Does Veda Grace practice clean beauty?

    We set a new standard for clean beauty. Our ingredients are so pure that they are only available to medical doctors and doctors of pharmacy. Our formulations do not contain phthalates, SLS or formaldehyde. Since your product is made-to-order each month, we don’t need to add any preservatives to your ingredients.

    Are Veda Grace products Vegan?

    The majority of our ingredients are naturally occuring in plants, but some are not. In the future, we will offer an option for vegan formulations.

    Are Veda Grace products Organic?

    The majority of our ingredients are natural, but some are not. In the future, we will offer an option for organic formulations.

    Are Veda Grace products non-comedogenic and oil-free?

    Veda Grace products are noncomedogenic, but not oil-free. Your skin naturally produces oil, so we use oils to restore any imbalances.

    I don’t see a ingredient list. How do I know I won’t be allergic to anything in my prescription?

    We don’t list a traditional ingredient list because they are all custom. During the clinical history gathering questionnaire, you will be able to list your allergies. It is very rare that we cannot work around your allergies, but if this is the case, we will inform you.

    How much product does my serum-moisturizer contain?

    Your serum-moisturizer bottle contains enough product to cover a your full face and under-jaw for one month if used once a day as instructed. 

    Our anti-aging focused formulations are available in a larger size for those interested in treating their neck and decollete. The larger size is available for an additional $25/month, and requires your doctors approval.

    What products can I use with my Rx serum-moisturizer?

    Your rx serum-moisturizer is designed to be the core foundation of your regimen. It contains the most important active ingredients you need for healthier, more beautiful skin. 

    You may choose to add your serum-moisturizer to your current regimen or replace your serums and moisturizers. During your consultation we will evaluate your current products and make some recommendations. For example, if you are prescribed tretinoin (the active ingredient of RetinA), we’ll recommend that you come off of any exfoliants because tretinoin is already a powerful and more natural exfoliator. Before you stop any prescriptions, we ask that you consult you with your prescribing doctors before discontinuing these medications.

    Can I receive cosmetic treatment while using Veda Grace’s Rx Skincare?

    Yes. Cosmetic treatments will enhance your results and your rex serum-moisturizer will preserve these results longer. However, it is very important that your Rx skincare and microtreatments are coordinated, so you can stop and restart your Rx skincare around particular treatments. Our approach is very well established for our combined Rx Skincare and Microtreatment clients. We automatically substitute in your pre- and post-procedure products. Any service provider you use should have a plan. If they want help putting together a program, they are more than welcome to email us at info@myvedagrace.com.

    Do you offer samples?

    Unfortunately not. Rx serum-moisturizers are made-to-order, personalized, prescription products. To make it easy to try our service, we made our membership month-to-month with the ability to cancel anytime for any reason without obligations.

    How do I request a formulation change?

    Simply message the clinic from your account and tell them what you would like to achieve. They will respond with their recommendations.

    Health Related Q’s

    Who is a Veda Grace candidate?

    Anyone who wants beautiful skin and who is too busy to see our dermatologist or plastic surgeon in-person. Veda Grace is great if you’re looking for medical skincare regimen online, but want the certainty of clinical testing, advice from board-certified specialists, or an elegant product. If you have health condition that should not be treated online, we will let you know and refund you.

    What skin conditions does Veda Grace treat?

    Our board-certified specialist can treat almost any cosmetic skin condition. If you have a medical condition that needs to be seen in person, we will always tell you and issue a refund for your consultation. The most common skin concerns we treat are: 

    1. Aging
    2. Sun damage
    3. Fine lines
    4. Rough texture 
    5. Dryness 
    6. Redness
    7. Sensitivity 
    8. Rosacea  
    9. Acne
    10. Clogged pores
    11. Dark spots 
    12. Uneven complexion 
    13. Melasma
    14. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
    I have an uncommon skin condition. Can I use Veda Grace?

    If you have a dermatologist, we recommend that you continue to see them. If your dermatologist is certified by Veda Grace, they may decide to prescribe you Veda Grace products from their office. If you do not have a dermatologist, you can still sign up. Our doctors will notify you if you have a condition that should not be treated online. If you live near Chicago, you can come to our clinic. 

    I’m pregnant or breast-feeding. Can I use Veda Grace?

    Yes. When filling out your clinical history, please let us know you are pregnant or breastfeeding. We will formulate your serum-moisturizer to be safe during pregnancy and breast-feeding.  If there are skin issues that we cannot address during pregnancy or breast-feeding, we can address them once you’re ready.

    I’m planning to get pregnant. Can I use Veda Grace?

    Yes. In general, there are two options to designing your serum-moisturizer. Either we can treat you as if you are pregnant or we can treat you as if you are not pregnant and change your formulation once you learn you are pregnant. Your specialist will discuss the pros and cons of each of these options with you, but we can help.


    How do I cancel my subscription?

    The process is simple. Navigate to the “Account” menu and look for the “Subscription” section. Select the option to “Cancel.” Since this is a medical service and we are required by law to keep your record, your account will remain open and accessible, but your subscription will be inactive and you will not be charged.

    Can I pause my subscription?

    You may cancel or inactivate your subscription at any time. If you pause for longer than 3 months, you may be required to go through the consultation process again so we can be assured that your needs have not changed. 

    What is your return policy?

    By law, you cannot return or exchange prescriptions, but we can correct almost any issue. If we determine that it is in your best interest to seek care in-person and not with Veda Grace, we will absolutely refund your consultation fee.

    My invitation code is not working?

    Sorry for the troubles. Please email us at info@myvedagrace.com. We’ll fix it.

    Is shipping included?


    What types of payment do you accept?

    Credit, debit and gift cards

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