For clients receiving mental health care, our Rx Skincare membership is at cost.

Diagnostic Personalization

The two most advanced personalization technologies of their kind. Used to tailor each product and service either in our office or from your phone.

VUE Skin analysis

Layer-by-layer skin analysis for precise formulation of your rx skincare without ever leaving home.

IRIS 3d Face Analysis

For planning volumizing and skin tightening treatments into no-downtime mini-sessions that fit your schedule.

‘Veda Grace’ means ‘Beauty is a Belief’ and our #BreakTheStigma program is the heart of our company.

Our passion is to show your beauty to the world. Every day, we are inspired by our clients who take control of their lives after treatment. We love when our clients become healthier, invest more into their relationships, and advance their careers simply because look at themselves more confidently in the mirror.

We wish this was always the case, but it’s not. Some clients will never say they look or feel beautiful no matter how gorgeous they truly are. Instead, they’ll get treatment after treatment for something new that bothers them. 

As physicians, our purpose is to bring your inner beauty to the surface where you can see it and believe in it. However, sometimes beauty has to be realized in by overcoming something inside. We should talk about these things, but there is a stigma.

Therapy or aesthetics, seeing your confidence grow is what rewards us. The world may not understand the benefit that therapy serves, but we do. In whole-hearted support of our clients who receive therapy, we offer our services at Rx Skincare membership at cost. Because when you believe in yourself, showcasing your beauty to the world is simple for us.


At no point will we ask why you get therapy. If you like to be considered for the program, please email us.